Learning Marketplace Photo Gallery

During our Festival of Education inset (see post here), we hosted a ‘Learning Marketplace’ where colleagues shared ideas and resources from their department areas.

I was left feeling thoroughly inspired by the creativity and talent of the staff at our school. As is always the case on such days, I was also pleased to be able to take away some fantastic ready-made ideas to start using in my lessons.

The winners, the Tech Department, presented a wide range of ideas covering the day’s themes in detail. Runners up, Art and Geography, were at completely different ends of the spectrum. Whereas Art presented an abundance of ideas in the form of an elaborate marketplace design, Geography presented the simplest and possibly most effective resource of the day (a way of using a plastic credit card holder as a revision tool).

Here are some of the photos from the event:

3 thoughts on “Learning Marketplace Photo Gallery

  1. […] For me, the most exciting part of the day was the ‘Learning Marketplace’ in the afternoon where departments had prepared ‘stalls’ to share their ideas, resources and approaches. There was an incredible buzz in the room and I was left feeling truly inspired by the talent and enthusiasm that teachers brought to this event.  Photographs and further details can be found here. […]


  2. I have to agree it was great to see all departments out, I just wish we had more time to look at all the literature, could we set up a section of the library for these book?

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    • Hello – talk to Clare because such a section already exists. She also updated it with books purchased on the training day. It’s immediately on your left when you enter the library.


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