What Ceri learned at #EducationFest

Secret to unleashing great Teaching – Tom Sherrington

Is there a Secret? Tom Sherrington discussed many aspects to underpin the world of ‘great teaching’. One aspect of this, was to sit down and take a little development reflection time every day. Creating a small blog, whether it be personal key notes or a type of web journal/online blog. It is a key focus that teachers are encouraged to ‘take risks’ and develop ‘new strategies’ in every day teaching, but what about reflecting on them? What if trying out one strategy or risk element isn’t as unsuccessful or didn’t go to plan as one hoped? Refection time is essential and powerful, if we take ‘time out’ and have a look at our strengths and areas of weakness in our teaching and learn from the outcomes. It is said we ‘best learn from making mistakes’ – referring back to this type of ‘growth mind set’ . A little development time, every day, on each lesson, may have a greater impact than we think. We expect our pupils’ to learn best from their errors and mistakes, so why can’t teachers?

 Black box: Achieving high performance- Matthew Syed

The powerful tool of ‘growth mind-set’. Matthew Syed was undoubtedly an inspiring role model, captivating and fascinating when discussing how to use this model of the ‘growth mind set’- not only from a personal mind-set- but applying this as a teacher, and how to influence the pupils in front of us. This model not only has the ability to boost self-esteem, but has the ability to raise achievement and attainment of our pupils further, ‘to unless their great potential’ if used in the right context. Great teachers believe in the growth of the intellect and talent, and are fascinated with the process of learning. It is essential that we incorporate bits of the growth mind-set and concepts of this in every lesson. To attempt to find the ‘fixed’ mind set students, tap into them and change attitudes and concepts. I feel inspired to dig deeper, research and read books/articles to release the power of this model on the pupils sat in front of me.

What benefits can introverts bring to school leadership?  – Iesha small

Listening to Iesha small discussing of what positive aspects ‘introverts’ can bring to the world of Teaching, and learning that being an ‘introvert’ and being a teacher is actually ‘okay’- Introverts can actually thrive in Teaching and leadership, they bring different characteristics to the world of teaching. One of their many traits is being able to really listen thoroughly to a pupils view and taking time to reflect rather than making hasty decisions. Being an ‘introvert’ and being a teacher was once thought not to have any room in teaching, but is now celebrated. Iesha was inspiring at delivering this ‘blue sky thinking’ aspect of teaching and really delivered an interesting seminar of how an ‘introvert ‘can use their unique personal traits to my advantage, and learn to love the roller coaster ride of Teaching.

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