Knowledge Organised: Now What?

Thank you for this great blog put together by the Teaching and Learning group: it’s a really useful list of practical ideas for using Knowledge Organisers in your classroom. 

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“So how are we supposed to use these nice, new, knowledge organisers?”

Some thoughts on practical applications for using Knowledge Organisers (KO) in the classroom.

  1. Working in pairs give one student the KO and get them to quiz the other students
  2. Working in pairs give partly complete KO and get students to quiz each other to fill in the blanks
  3. Pick any 5 key technical terms from the KO and use them in a sentence
  4. Give students a blank KO and ask them to complete different sections
  5. Working in pairs, one person describes parts of the organiser and the other person has to figure out what they’re talking about (similar to Taboo)
  6. Write 5 short exam based questions using the KO for key terms.
  7. Write an extended question and a model answer using KO
  8. When modelling question answers get students to have a KO in front of them to support knowledge for writing
  9. Get students to create their own KO for a section/topic once they have seen the teacher version
  10. Use the KO during pair work for partners to assess if they have used the correct technical terms
  11. KO Bingo – get students to highlight key terms when they are used in lessons.
  12. Get students to highlight the KO with Red, Amber or Green highlighter to help them self-assess their knowledge of key terms.
  13. Start planning for a unit with the KO and write out all of the most important questions you are going to ask students. What questions do you need to ask to ensure students have the knowledge?

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