Spend Less Time Marking (four blogs)

Perhaps because most of us are still up to our necks in mock marking, I’ve been reflecting on some of the time-effective marking practices that we have been advocating as a school over the past few years. I thought it would be a good time to gather together just some of the ideas on this topic and share them again with you.

  1. This blog contains some top tips followed by examples of efficient marking from your colleagues around the school. Take a look and steal some ideas. Link: Marking Efficiently
  2. As well as some more examples, this blog shares three steps to High Impact Marking which will deliver better outcomes and save you time. Link: 3 Steps to High Impact Marking
  3. You can find a list of suggested strategies here: Feedback with Impact!
  4. Here are some thoughts about how feedback can be used to regulate challenge and support the most able. Link here: Does Feedback Support High Attainment?

There are lots of resources and ideas on the blog, which we have created to support teachers and their professional development. At Kennet, we treat this site like a dynamic T&L policy, so please take a look at what is there (subscribe in the bottom right corner) and let me know if you would like to contribute (cellison@kennetschool.co.uk)

One thought on “Spend Less Time Marking (four blogs)

  1. […] of illustrating some different approaches to feedback and how these apply to different subjects. Time-effective feedback is a topic we’ve been blogging about for a few years now, but it seems increasingly relevant in […]


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