Some reflections on Homework from Mrs Martin.

At the start of the year I shared this quote with you all. I’ve also shared it with many pupils in the past and reminded them that doing something once or twice doesn’t mean you’re all set.

Habits don’t happen overnight and when we talk about effective homework, this relies on creating positive habits. For the pupils; for us as teachers.

The routine of setting homework should be ingrained in us, but I’ve been asking myself a few tough questions this week about the content:

Is everything I set purposeful?
Does it lead to improvement and progress?
Does everything I set support pupils’ in forming positive study habits?

The answer should be yes; otherwise, why am I setting it?
We know that homework should:

  • Consolidate; deepen; broaden learning through practise or research;
  • Give opportunity for reflection and refinement;
  • Encourage independence and self-management.

*Condensed from Homework Policy 2019*

To make sure the answer is always yes, I have created myself a criteria checklist.
It has to meet the criteria to be in. If it doesn’t: I adjust; I rethink; I refine. Hopefully, soon, it will become habit (!)

Criteria:  Purposeful; Progress; Positive Study Habits.

Below are some suggestions about what this might look like. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but hopefully gives some indication of how the criteria could be met:

Purposeful Progress Study Habits
Further, similar work to class work to consolidate a concept or method. Re-drafting work using feedback. Clear, defined deadline that is shared and stuck to.
Research to inform content in following lesson. Rehearsing skills with a set focus. Organisation/presentation expectations are explicit.
Revision of key knowledge with a set focus. Reflecting on strengths or weaknesses in work. Potential sources are shared to model research skills.


What homework will you set next week?

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