Our (Simple) Literacy Policy: Revamped

A blog by Literacy CHAMPION, Katy Scott.

Distilling. It’s important. With all that teaching and learning noise out there we need to keep things simple. That’s what The Kennet Literacy Policy is – it distils what we know into black-and-white, simple sense.

The Kennet Literacy Policy is about charting the literacy journey as it takes place within and between lessons. We know the steps but because we know them, as teachers, we can often take them for granted.

Literacy policy 2020

By breaking down the policy into speaking, reading and writing steps, we are following an age-old language acquisition path that by its very nature, simply works. We are linking Rosenshine’s Principles to bring together literacy and whole-school teaching and learning initiatives because, done right, that’s what literacy is about: good teaching and learning!

The rationale behind this policy is that we have chosen things that can and should be easily integrated into lessons across the curriculum, so that literacy is part of everyday practice rather than a bolt-on. I honestly believe that we can transform the literacy skills of pupils in our school if we were each consistent in doing these three things; there are no magic bullets unfortunately, and this is something we need to address each and every lesson.


One thought on “Our (Simple) Literacy Policy: Revamped

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