5 Ways to Improve Pupils’ Writing

I presented this topic at our recent training day with the aim of sharing a few simple ways to improve writing that can be easily integrated into lessons. I took the idea from a Geoff Barton  resource (“5 Techniques to help pupils write better”) that’s around 15 years old now and still one of my favourties – you can find it here along with a bunch of other excellent resources.  Continue Reading

Let’s Get Pupils Thinking Hard pt.1

“Memory is the residue of thought.”–Daniel Willingham

When considering the factors leading to pupil progress, it is tempting to over complicate the issue. Whilst teaching is doubtless a complex art (or is it a science?), can learning really be attributed to one crucial variable: the amount of time that pupils spend ‘thinking hard’? Continue Reading

A Snapshot of Marking in our School (Oct ’16)

This blog was constructed based on visits to lessons and conversations with pupils. Its aim is to share good practice and provide advice on common areas for development. Crucially, we have been looking for evidence of learning without excessive marking: time-efficient strategies that help to advance pupils’ knowledge/skills and close gaps in their understanding. There are some good examples of such strategies below to illustrate. Continue Reading