Don’t Steal the Struggle – (T&L Group)

Setting the scene:

Since September the Teaching and Learning Group have been focusing on risk taking and were inspired by Allison, S. and Tharby, A. Making Every Lesson Count (2015). We interpreted some of their risk taking ideas and applied them to our own classrooms. To achieve considerable risk taking the teacher stepped back during key parts of the lesson and put the onus on the students to lead their own learning. Students were then invited to talk about these strategies at our Festival of Learning Inset. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Improve Pupils’ Writing

I presented this topic at our recent training day with the aim of sharing a few simple ways to improve writing that can be easily integrated into lessons. I took the idea from a Geoff Barton  resource (“5 Techniques to help pupils write better”) that’s around 15 years old now and still one of my favourties – you can find it here along with a bunch of other excellent resources.  Continue Reading