Developing Cultural Capital

A blog from Ms Baxter about the importance of developing cultural capital through the curriculum and some of the work taking place in MFL.

‘The guest said the building was like the Mary Celeste when she arrived’

‘The school was accused of having an Orwellian approach to CCTV’

Do you understand these references? If you do, that’s down to your cultural capital.

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I’ve got my Knowledge Organisers – now what?

Practical suggestions for using Knowledge Organisers in the classroom.

This blog is made up of two parts. The first is a little overview of KOs and why they can be so helpful in your medium term planning. I’ll structure this part as an FAQ based on the last year of working with departments. The second is a list of 20 practical lesson planning ideas for using KOs with pupils in which I’ll seek to answer the question at the top of this blog.  Continue Reading