The Power of Conversations

Last week leaders from across the trust looked at powerful coaching conversations with John Samuels. Whilst there was much to reflect on, the most powerful message that stood out for me was that all relationships are a result of a series of conversations. More than this, all conversations lead you either closer to your goals or further away.

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NQT Pearls of Wisdom

At the end of every year, the NQTs who have just completed their first year of teaching pass on their advice to the NQTs who are just starting. This is always a good opportunity for them to reflect on their practice and we end up with some good advice, not just for new teachers but also those of us who have been in the job for a while! So here is some of the advice that they shared: Continue Reading

Professional Development Questions

At our inset day on 23rd October I spoke about each of us creating a professional development question to provide a framework for our thinking and development over the coming months (in one defined area at least). The rationale behind this is to try and make our CPD more effective by bringing it into the classroom and therefore closer to our daily practice. 
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